Cost Efficiency

Trilobytelabs' website maintenance team will keep working for you without you having to hire a new employee. By choosing Trilobytelabs to maintain your website, you are getting the benefits of a whole team of webmasters, art directors, creative directors and programmers, at a much lower cost.

Trilobytelabs' maintenance strategies are based an estimate of the time necessary for updating the content on your site on a monthly basis.

Database Driven Dynamic Websites

Trilobytelabs will design your site in a way that a database will run your website to display many products for ordering online. Credit card facility to enable real-time online purchasing is not mandatory; but you can choose to have orders processed by a simple email form. There are, however, extra fees involved in the construction of database driven sites, and then in the hosting of them. They require different handling compared to basic html informational websites. Currently businesses have grown to such an extent that online ordering becomes the sensible option.

If your organization needs a dynamic, frequently updated website, our Database Driven Sites incorporate the Trilobytelabs Content Management System, allowing anyone at your organization to update contents on your site as often as you want.

Examples of Database Integration:

News or Press Releases.
Classifieds / Auctions.
Guest Books / Message Boards.
Photo Galleries / Portfolios.
Business Directories.
Links Pages / Search Engines.
Dealer / Retailer Lists.
And much more.

What is a Shopping Cart System?

Your Virtual Salesperson!
A Shopping Cart program is one of the most popular software programs on the internet today. It allows a store owner to build a "Virtual Storefront" to display their store's products.

Virtual storefronts can be VERY profitable because of the low overheads involved in running an Online Store. Another major reward from selling products on the internet is that you can quickly benefit from global markets. You can now display and sell your products to 70 million plus users worldwide with little or no additional cost to you. Your customers also receive the convenience of shopping 24 hours a day.

Virtual Store Management!

Your Virtual Online Store must be setup so that the user can easily find what they are looking for with a minimum of interaction.

The Shopping Cart System!

The shopping cart system you use has to be able to provide several things:

User friendly navigation
.Consistent management and display of inventory
Product differentiation
Allow for multiple shoppers
Administrator functions
Secure transactions