Primary Features

Course Builder

Here the course will be formed or structured. We should include financial rules for the courses. In addition to that, resources going to be used to conduct the course, the time table for the course, details of the students who are participating and also the lectures who are appointed to conduct the course.

Event Calendar

This section has two main functions. Firstly we should specify the work calendar (for month or year) and secondly this will function as an Event Viewer for the current month or the date.

Examination / Marks / Evaluation

This part of the system deals with the examination procedures of the institute. Mostly examination results and evaluations of results are done through this section.

Mail & Fax Merge

This section is a Dynamic Document Processor which handles all the single and bulk document generation operations. As an example, we can generate letters to be sent to the students informing them about the examination schedule.

Dynamic Reports Writer

By default the system contains many in-built reports. Other than the default reports, if necessary, you can generate any other reports by using this dynamic reports writer.

Web Wizard

If the institute is planning to display the information in a web site, Web-Wizard can be used to generate the required Web pages.

Financial (Course related)

With this function, it is possible to analyze the cost factors related to the course, such as course fee payments, other course expenses, etc...

MIS Reports

Through this, you can create the analytical and monitoring reports which will be one of the key sources in decision making. This will include resource utilization reports, financial analysis reports, time utilization reports, etc...