AYUVI captures call detail records from the PABX, costs each call and then sends the processed call details to a database in the required format. AYUVI maintains such records as long as the organization needs them and provides a number of facilities which are mentioned below list in brief.

Control Telephone Abuse
Get a transparent view of all phone calls.
Define queries to obtain the information you want.
View or get printouts of all the queries.
Reconcile your phone bill.
Divide your phone bill as per extension, contact number, etc.
Bill back clients or projects for calls made on their behalf.
Divide callers into groups and manage them efficiently.
Identify repeat callers and their needs.
Get a graphical look at your clients.
Streamline your company calls.






AYUVI offers a wide array of features designed to provide the best tele –management available in today’s competitive communication environment. Some of such features are introduced below.
Customized query search
Query facilities are common with any PABX reading software. However ‘Customized Queries’ are rarely found. AYUVI allows the user to define his/her own query with many filter criteria. User can view, print or save the results of such queries.
By saving frequently accessed queries user can get the maximum advantage of this feature.

The following variable options are available to filter the query.
Outgoing / Incoming Calls
Exact call dates (Call date within a specific date range)
Call duration.
Your phone number. (There may be more than one number linked with the PABX device)
Caller / Number called / Name
Extension Number/s
Tariff Calculator
The tariff calculator is a built- in feature which calculates the bill as per,
Contact Number
Contact Party
Contact group
Specified period
This enables the reconciliation of the bill produced by the phone company. In fact the organization knows its phone bill in advance.
AYUVI tariff calculator makes the phone bill detailed and transparent. Further, AYURVI introduces the organization the concept of billing back as both called and receivers are visible in the report.
Contacts & Contact Groups
Maintaining a list of contacts helps an organization to obtain their call information easily.
A contact can be called by his name rather than the number.
If the contact has more than one number a query can be defined by the name to get details of all his/her numbers.
Group contacts who share common criteria and list them under a ‘Contact Group’ ;
i.e. Suppliers, Buyers, etc.

When the group is queried, AYUVI provides the call details of all its contacts.
Supports both LAN & WAN
Although there are many PABX reading software in the market, a web-based one is rarely found.
AYUVI is a web-based client-server application which can be installed either on a web server or a LAN server.
There is no installation on client machines. The client can just browse the application.
Being web-Based gives the flexibility of accessing it form anywhere in the world.
AYUVI is compatible with all PABX types and models available in the market.

System requirements (to the computer that is connected to the PABX)
Any of the following operating systems:-
Windows 2003 Server
Windows 2000 (Professional / Server)
Windows XP (Professional)
Windows NT 4.0
Internet information server 4.0 or above
Free Space of over 500MB in your C drive